Used Trucks for Sale in Lexington Park

Used Trucks for Sale at a Reputable Used Car Dealership

At Nissan of Lexington Park in Lexington Park, you can browse used trucks by Nissan.

There are three reasons why you'll benefit from buying a truck.

Power for Demanding Jobs

A pickup truck produces more power than cars and most SUVs to conquer more terrains. It's also a tougher vehicle, so it's great for commercial projects.

It Has Excellent Towing Capabilities

Trucks have mighty engines, so they tow equipment far better than cars and full-size SUVs. With help from a trailer, a truck can tow:

  • A boat
  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • A camper

A Convenient Way to Haul

When you own a pickup truck, you'll always be prepared for daily hauls and unexpected challenges. A truck can help you haul building supplies to your home. It can even haul major appliances if you use the proper tie-downs.

You can reap these benefits and more with a used truck from our Nissan of Lexington Park. If you need help picking a proper truck, we recommend a Nissan Frontier or Titan.

The Frontier and the Titan - How to Pick the Right Used Nissan Truck

The Nissan Frontier and the Titan both have advantages. This guide will help you weigh both options based on their size and configuration.

A Nissan Frontier is a midsize pickup truck. It's the right size for work trips, daily errands, and tailgating. This truck is available as a Crew Cab and a King Cab. A Crew Cab gives you about 33 inches of legroom. The King Cab is a bit smaller. It gives you approximately 25 inches of legroom.

Both cab styles have a very respectable seating capacity. A Frontier Crew Cab can seat up to five passengers, and the King Cab can seat four passengers./p>

The Frontier Crew Cab and King Cab are great for off-roading. They will perform quite well off the beaten path. However, you can do more with a Crew Cab because it has a slightly better ground clearance.

The Nissan Titan is available as a Crew Cab and a King Cab for Waldorf drivers. The dimensions are very similar to the Frontier's cab styles. You'll get more legroom in a Crew Cab and less legroom in a King Cab because a King Cab has a shorter cabin and a longer bed.

If you care about payloads, both cab styles are winners, but the King Cab has a higher max payload.

Buying Strategies

A quick test drive will allow you to experience what each truck offers. Our mission is to help you select the best truck. This checklist will help you get started.

Check the Exterior Before the Test Drive

We sell quality pickup trucks, but we recommend that you perform your inspection. This will help you find minor cosmetics flaws like rust. You may find rust on:

  • An exhaust pipe
  • A muffler
  • Rims
  • The frame rails

Check the Engine

If you're going to buy an older truck, we highly recommend a quick engine inspection. You should always check an engine while it's cool.

Check the Brake System

There are two ways to check a braking system. The first method is a visual inspection. There should be no signs of wear and tear on the brake pads. The next step is to gauge the quality of a braking system while test driving the vehicle.

You can test drive a Nissan Frontier or a Titan at Nissan of Lexington Park

If you'd like to learn more about the Frontier or the Titan, stop by Nissan of Lexington Park, and browse our Crew Cabs and King Cabs. We have a wide selection of used trucks for sale, and we proudly serve consumers from Great Mills to California, MD.

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