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Locating your next vehicle does not have to be as challenging as you think. At our dealership near Lexington Park, we are ready to do whatever is necessary to fulfill your automotive needs. The members of our community choose us because they know we are a great place to visit when they want to upgrade their rides. Please reach out to us today so we can demonstrate why you also should trust us as your preferred used car dealership.

What Makes SUVs Different?

There are many body styles you have to choose from when it comes to picking your next vehicle. Yet, we believe that an SUV vehicle has numerous benefits that make it the better choice for your household. At our Nissan dealership near Waldorf, we have an extensive inventory of used SUVs for sale for you to browse. Our SUVs come from popular brands like GMC, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, and more.


A significant advantage of purchasing a used SUV is the additional space. You may need to bring extra passengers or haul increased cargo, and these models are perfect for getting the job done. The extra room on the inside means that all your activities can get carried out with ease. Instead of cramming your passengers into the cabin, they can stretch out and relax during the journey. When you have objects to carry, you will not have to leave some of your belongings behind. SUVs provide you with more possibility of getting everything moved in one trip.


Some sedans can tow smaller items behind them. Sedans are great if you only have a few possessions to tote around. However, our used SUV models can pull almost anything with ease. This capability is especially true for the average and large-sized SUVs offered on our lot. Due to the increased horsepower, these pre-owned SUVs have better chances of hauling up or downhill without breaking down or crashing.


Unlike the typical sedan, our used SUV models have sturdier frames and come equipped with safety advances to provide more protection for your trips in California, MD. Many newer used Nissan models come with progressive technology that improves your chances of clearly seeing and responding to any obstacles you may encounter. If a collision does occur, these features can shift the crash energy away from the cabin and anyone inside.

Types of SUVs

There are several sizes of SUVs to consider when it's time to buy cars online. You may think that all SUVs are large, but that's not the case. The best way to find out which SUV size is right for you is to visit our dealership or complete your SUV research online.

Compact SUV

It is tough to find a vehicle that works well for city driving and off-road trails. You may require an SUV to zip through busier areas and deftly maneuver through rugged terrain. Thankfully, you can get these advantages and more from the used compact SUVs we offer. These combine the most sought-after features from small and large models into a smaller, refined design. We regularly carry the used Nissan Rogue for sale, a compact SUV with great technology features to keep you entertained during your adventures around Great Mills.

Mid-Sized SUV

Used mid-sized SUVs from our facility have the vital space you want to accommodate a variety of situations. These SUVs have the day-to-day practicality you need without relinquishing comfort or style. Mid-sized SUVs move quickly and offer a luxurious cabin that makes your journeys more worthwhile. While larger SUV models are perfect for long trips, mid-sized SUVs are just what you need for transporting your family or work colleagues around town.

Full-Sized SUV

A used full-sized SUV can successfully overcome a variety of terrains and demanding driving conditions. The seats are comfortable and arranged so that your passengers can enjoy the ride, no matter how long your trips may last. If your work or interest requires you to carry many items around town, these vehicles have impressive cargo areas and towing capabilities to move everything you need. The powerful Nissan Armada is a large and in-charge SUV capable of seating up to eight people for trips around Lexington Park. Find a used Armada and more at Nissan of Lexington Park.

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If you are interested in a used SUV or have a question about our dealership, please visit us today. We are ready to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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