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Alignment Service Savings in California, MD

Car wheels can be knocked out of alignment pretty readily. The most common cause of misalignment is an accident. Even minor fender-benders can knock your wheels out of place. You might also find misaligned wheels after going over a particularly rough bump or pothole. Misaligned wheels can cause your tires to wear out unevenly and lead to more expensive repairs down the line.

Fortunately, in California, MD, drivers can get their wheels affordably aligned with the experts at the Nissan of Lexington Park service center. Our team members are responsible for looking after our entire inventory. You can trust that they know how to repair vehicles. We also have rotating service specials on top of our already low prices. Book a service appointment today so that your car stays driving well into the future.

When Do You Need Alignment Service?

Sometimes it is apparent when you need an alignment, but sometimes your car only needs a minor adjustment. That is why it is essential to have your vehicle looked over after even the most minor of scrapes. A slight misalignment can still cause untold uneven wear on your car. Rather than waiting for an expensive bill down the line (which will include tire alignment anyway), bring your car to get looked at today at Nissan of Lexington Park. Our low prices and expert staff make looking after your vehicle a breeze. The following are reasons to bring your car in for an alignment soon:

  • Your seat vibrates, or your car tends to pull to one side. This is an indicator that your wheels are misaligned. If you find that steering requires a more commanding grip, you should let our team look at your axles.
  • You have been in a minor bump. You will need a tire alignment after a major accident, too. However, after a major accident, you are already going to go to the shop for repairs. It is vital to check for misalignment after minor accidents as well. If someone bumps you in the parking lot or at a red light, it can still knock your tires out of line. You probably will not notice at first, but the unaligned wheels will give you big problems eventually. Even a particularly deep pothole can pull your wheels out of line.

With excellent prices and talented associates, there is no reason not to bring your car to Nissan of Lexington Park in California, MD. At best, you will leave here with the peace of mind that there is nothing wrong with your car. At worst, we fix something, and you still go with the same peace of mind. If the above list sounds familiar, please schedule an appointment for service online.

Schedule Alignment Service at Nissan of Lexington Park

Do not let misaligned wheels cause costly damages. Schedule a service appointment online. Then swing by Nissan of Lexington Park in California, MD, to let us take care of you.