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Brakes Service Savings in California, MD

Getting your brakes serviced is necessary to maintain your vehicle. Brake pads are designed to wear. Every time you brake, they absorb the force of an entire moving car. Of course, worn-out brake pads must be replaced. Not doing so can cause more damage to other parts of the brake system that cost more to fix. Regular maintenance ensures that the brakes engage every time you need them.

Fortunately, if you are worried about the cost and difficulty of getting your brakes checked out, worry no more! At Nissan of Lexington Park, our automotive service center is extremely experienced in brakes maintenance. Even at affordable prices, our technicians provide the best brakes service in California, MD. Whether you feel like your brakes are not doing their job right or just want to be safe, schedule an appointment with us now.

When Do You Need Your Brakes Serviced?

Getting your brakes maintained can be an act of regularity. Unfortunately, there are times when your brakes may wear out unevenly, and you might need to get your brakes checked out even if it feels like you just got them. There is no reason to risk an accident, especially not when getting your brakes serviced is as easy as it is at Nissan of Lexington Park.

If your car is showing any of the following symptoms, get your brakes looked at as soon as you can:

  • High-pitched squeal when you apply the brakes: Each brake pad has an indicator in it, which is a piece of metal that exists solely to emit an annoying noise as your brake pads wear. Once the metal shim is exposed, it scrapes against your wheel as you brake, causing a metal screech.
  • Brakes do not work as well: If you notice you are not able to brake as quickly, or your car makes jerky movements as you brake, you likely need brake maintenance. It is essential to pay attention to the way your car drives so you notice when it is acting unusually.
  • Grinding or metal-on-metal sound: A grinding sound can also occur when components of your brakes start to go. When this sound occurs, it usually indicates something more than brake pads are breaking. If you hear any out-of-the-ordinary noises, please do not wait to come to see us.

If you are unsure whether the sound you are hearing is normal or whether your car is stopping in the right amount of time, make an appointment today. You will be glad you did.

Schedule Brakes Service at Nissan of Lexington Park

Maintaining your brakes is key to keeping your car going for as long as possible. If you come by Nissan of Lexington Park in California, MD, you can get your brakes maintained for an affordable price. Book your service appointment now.